Detox Focused Life

  • January 08, 2021
  • by Diane Duvall
Dr. Geni Abraham

The start of a new season or a new year is a great time to re-center ourselves and make a fresh start in any area of our life. Just as a good spring cleaning is an opportunity to refresh your home, you can cleanse toxic things from your life that are wearing you down and fill yourself with good things to reset both your body and your life. 

Our modern world can be very toxic and by living a detox-focused life you can regularly take stock of the things you are exposing yourself to on a regular basis.  Are you marinating yourself in good things or are you immersed in toxic thoughts, foods and environments that are not serving you? Are you conscious of how these things are impacting your well-being? When we are immersed in good things such as healing foods, positive thoughts and healthy environments we will experience a renewed vibrance in our body, mind and spirit. A true detox is more than just taking a supplement or doing a juice cleanse. Below you will find four ways to reset different areas of your life for a fresh start: 

Nutrition:  A high percentage of foods in the standard American diet are processed, high in fructose and other simple sugars, and laden with pesticides and glyphosate (GMO). These foods can cause changes in our gut microbiome and tax our body’s systems. Eating foods rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber will help our body’s detoxification processes. The liver plays an important role in detoxification so be sure to increase foods that support the liver by following a whole foods diet and getting your nutrients from natural food sources. Include plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables, boost fiber intake, and balance meals with adequate lean protein and healthy fats such as olive oil, flaxseeds and nuts and seeds.  Fermented foods such as yogurt can help support gut health. Fluids help to flush out our system and increase energy and focus. Consider herbal teas and drinking one-half your ideal body weight in ounces of water daily. Limit toxic exposure of excessive alcohol, pesticides and food additives in processed foods. Choose organic foods whenever possible. Remove unhealthy temptations from your kitchen and replace those things that are not nutritious with healthier options. When you enrich your life with better nutrition you will enjoy greater clarity, energy and improved overall health. Check out the Environmental Working Group website for a list of foods that hold the most toxins. You can also take stock of toxins in your home environment including cleaning supplies and personal care products.

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Physical Activity:  Simple daily movement helps maintain and improve health. Movement activates all of the systems of the body and speeds up the breakdown and elimination of waste, thus enhancing detoxification pathways. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, being physically active is one of the most important actions that people of all ages can take to improve their health. A sedentary life promotes a toxic body. Movement activates the junk removal systems of the body. The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. We rely on the motion from our muscles for lymph fluid to move. Through inactivity, lymphatic flow can be interrupted and lead to a buildup of toxins in the body.  Think of your body as a flowing spring versus a stagnant pond. The current recommendation is at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week, which is about 20 minutes per day. It is most important to keep moving throughout the day. Everything counts, from dancing to walking in nature to working in the garden. Spend time outdoors whenever possible and expose yourself to sunlight, beauty and nature which will refresh your body, mind and spirit. You can even do exercise snacks – small bits of movement at a time.                         

Sleep: Sleep is an important factor impacting our health and well-being. It replenishes our energy stores and is important in aiding detoxification. Sleep restores brain power and bodily functions. A good night’s sleep may literally clear the mind.  Sleep is possibly the most important way to support optimal detoxification of the brain. Sleep is a time when memories, emotions and new information is processed and filed away. A good night’s sleep can have immediate benefits. When we are well rested our energy improves, our mood gets better and our ability to focus increases. The problem with our 24/7, always-on society is that our sleep often gets compromised. Lack of sleep weakens and breaks the body down while adequate sleep is one of the best anti-aging secrets for feeling and looking our best. The best way to wake up refreshed is to get seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Try to keep a regular sleep schedule each day. Keep lights low at the end of the day and avoid bright computer screens or television exposure shortly before bed. Take time to relax before going to bed each night. This can include reading a book, listening to soothing music, or a talking warm bath.

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Mindset: Consider taking an inventory of what you are exposing yourself to in your thought life, your social life, or what you are watching/reading. What are you exposing yourself to on a regular basis that is relaxing and uplifting and what is a regular source of stress and anxiety? Perhaps a detox from social media, the news, or difficult people in your social circle would be beneficial. Our social connections can positively impact our emotions and sense of well-being. Try to invest more of your time with those who encourage you and provide positive energy and limit time with those who drain you with their negativity or complaining. 

Your thoughts shape your life and negative thoughts can lead to stress and dissatisfaction with your life. Start your mental reset by replacing unhealthy thoughts with something positive. We can always find something to be grateful for. Incorporate daily habits that help you shift your focus from what is missing in your life to what makes you happy or what you are thankful for. Start a gratitude journal or learn to marinate in the feelings of love and appreciation by thinking about all the things you love. This will start to retrain your mind to think more positively and to focus on what is true and good. Restore yourself through prayer, meditation, listening to uplifting music or spending time in nature. 

 We can easily become overburdened by toxic exposures such as unhealthy foods, toxic environments or relationships, negative thoughts and stressful lifestyles. Do you feel like you need to press the reset button on your health? We invite you to call us today to learn more about how our 12- Week Lifestyle Program or our Balanced Living Program can help you create a fresh start and reclaim your health. 

-Diane Duvall, Life Coach and Certified Health Coach for the Lifestyle Medicine Practice of Dr. Geni Abraham, Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine.  Our Internal Medicine Practice is an integrated medical practice with a focus on Lifestyle Medicine. We offer health coaching sessions to help you reach your personal goals. Dr. Geni Abraham, Medical Specialists of the Palm Beaches, Inc., 205 JFK Drive, Atlantis FL 33462.  Phone: (561) 432-8935, Visit and Follow us on Facebook: Dr. Geni Abraham


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