New Beginnings

  • December 11, 2019
  • by Diane Duvall
Dr. Geni Abraham

The first day of January rings in a new day and a new year. There is something about new beginnings that inspires us to review the things we’ve learned and experienced in the past and find renewed excitement for the times that lie ahead. We can use the momentum of the New Year to inspire us to set and achieve the goals we dream about. It is a good time to review our personal mission and vision statement. What do you see you and your family doing in your life? To be successful in pursuing our life goals optimal health is important. Pursue good lifestyle habits to maximize enjoyment of life.

To incorporate a healthy lifestyle it is best to start with small health goals. If we try to change everything at once it can be difficult and discouraging to sustain. These small goals can be as simple as replacing a morning bagel with a healthy protein smoothie or a vegetable omelet, or taking a brisk walk before or after dinner. When you are successful with smaller goals and see the change, you will be more motivated to achieve larger goals in the long term.

Dr. Geni Abraham
Dr. Geni Abraham

Practice Mindful Eating. When we practice mindful eating we become aware of the food we put in our bodies and how it ultimately affects our health and how we feel. A good start is to incorporate more greens and other colorful foods on our plate. Aim to always have something green, such as dark leafy greens, and other colorful plant foods included at each meal. These colorful foods have an array of health benefits from healthier skin and vision to improved brain and heart health. You will notice a significant improvement in your overall well-being when you regularly incorporate these foods. You can start small by adding one new vegetable to your lunch or dinner meal. Although dietary changes take some effort, it will be worth it in the long run. Aim for 9-13 servings of plant foods every day.

Increase Daily Activity. Regular physical activity contributes to our overall health. It strengthens our body and plays a role in our mental health. It can also improve our memory, mood and sleep. Find a form of exercise that is right for you. Find things you enjoy. This can be anything from a yoga class to a walk in nature. Anything that keeps your body moving is beneficial. Try to start with small bits of daily exercise and increase this to at least 30 minutes per day.

Get a Restful Night’s Sleep. We all need to make a good night’s sleep a top priority. Although we all have times we have to run on five or six hours of sleep, the ultimate goal should be seven to eight hours. In the long run, adequate sleep can affect our overall health and performance. Insufficient sleep has been shown to raise a variety of health concerns including obesity, mood swings and increased risk of chronic disease. You can start by adopting some simple evening routines and adjusting your schedule to allow for a full night’s sleep. Your evening routine can be anything that promotes peace and serenity. It can consist of using aroma therapy such as lavender essential oil, adding yoga stretches, practicing deep breathing along with soothing music and gratitude thoughts, or reading. Wind down each evening and allow your brain and mind to relax.

Find Time for You. Life can be demanding and we are often juggling many responsibilities at a time. But this can lead to burn out and exhaustion and can have a negative impact on our health. It is important to find time for you. An important part of life is having time for the activities that we enjoy. Start by finding small blocks of time during your week to devote to joyful activities. This can be anything from reading a book to having coffee with a friend. Find the activities that make you happy and consistently commit to making time each week to plan for these activities.

Being healthy and fit is important to living a successful life. Turning even the smallest goals into habits will transform your well-being and will help you achieve the life you desire.

Diane Duvall, Life Coach and Certified Health Coach for the Lifestyle Medicine Practice of Dr. Geni Abraham, Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine. Our Internal Medicine Practice is an integrated medical practice with a focus on Lifestyle Medicine. We offer health coaching sessions to help you reach your personal goals. Dr. Geni Abraham, Medical Specialists of the Palm Beaches, Inc., 205 JFK Drive, Atlantis FL 33462.
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